Hello everybody!

My name is Hakan Ozan, also known as “faloturco”. 🙂 I’m oficially a PhD student at the  department of International Relations and a true lover of learning new cultures, languages and history. So, my passion for learning somehow provided me the necessary motivation to take the road. At the same time,  my travel experiences were always related to my education life and I could travel around 8 countries/42 cities  thanks to that I used the opportunities frequently. This is why travelling is not apart from learning in my perspective.

Let’s come to this blog.. After two of my Erasmus experiences in Portugal and Poland, I’ve decided to create this  blog to keep my enthusiasm for travelling and learning. The reason why I chose this nickname (faloturco) for me  was to demonstrate that I learned Portuguese and I’m from Turkey. On the other hand, the reason why I chose  this name (Flying Carpet) for my website was to express that this website is for travelling obviously and to refer to the region where I’m from. So that, I enjoyed the best of both worlds! 🙂

To sum up, Flying Carpet is ready to share great travel experiences, tips and advices! If you are ready to fly over the countries with my carpet, come on in! 😉


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