Don’t Miss This List! 35 Destinations in Turkey for Summer Vacation!

If you want to go for a vacation in a hot place full of sun, sand, sea and economic activities, you are at the right address! Here, you’ll see the 35 of beautiful Turkish beaches and bays listed. Enjoy!

Turkey is a famous country about holiday destinations and resorts. Especially, western and southwestern part of Turkey are the best locations such as Antalya, Muğla (Bodrum, Marmaris, etc.) and Aydın for your next journey.

1. Kabak Bay (Fethiye, Muğla)

Kabak Bay, located in the Fethiye district of Muğla and 16 km east of Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon), is reminiscent of a garden of eden within the red pine forests. The bay on the Lycian Road attracts domestic and foreign tourists. Marine transportation is preferred.

2. Ovabükü Beach (Datça, Muğla)

Ovabuku passing through Mesudiye village in Datca, was named the best beach in Turkey in 2010 by The Guardian. The beach is a little stony in Ovabükü which is a very quiet bay and there are hostels where you can stay in the bay. Sea is shallow in Ovabükü and it is a good option especially for those who do not swim or for children. You can get there from Dalaman Airport.

3. Bitez Beach (Bodrum, Muğla)

Bitez Beach, one of the most popular beaches of Bodrum, is 8 km away from the center of Bodrum and it is one of the closest beaches to the city center. The beach on the southern part of the Bodrum Peninsula is not affected by the north winds. For this reason, it is usually calm and without waves. The beach between Gumbet and Yahsi has a unique view of the Aegean Sea on one side and orange and tangerine gardens on the other side. On the other hand, Bitez ice cream is also one of the famous products of the region.

4. Blue Lagoon Beach (Ölüdeniz Plajı) (Fethiye, Muğla)

Oludeniz which is one of the most interesting bays of Fethiye has become a world-famous place. Even though the sea and the coast are completely stony, it is a fantastic place with the color of the sea close to green, pine forest covered with nature and sandy beach. Because the water is always calm, it makes feel like you’re swimming in the lake. Watching the paratroopers passing over you while swimming in the sea is another joy. The nearest airport to there is Dalaman Airport. There are also beach enterprises in Oludeniz.

5. Yahşi Beach (Bodrum, Muğla)

Yahsi Beach is one of the most well-known beaches in Bodrum and is preferred by domestic and foreign tourists in July and August. The coast of Yahsi Beach is made of fine sand and the sea temperature is at the average temperature of the region. There are many enterprises along the coastline. They offer a dressing room and a shower. You can also provide all your food and beverage needs from these businesses. If you are going to visit there in July and August, we recommend you to book a sunbed and an umbrella. There are many hotels and motels in the area so you can easily handle your accommodation needs.

6. Kargı Bay (Datça, Muğla)

Even though there are many beaches in Bodrum, the most famous one of these is Kargı Beach, also known as Camel Beach. The reason why it is called as Camel Beach is tourists are itinerated with camels. As with other beaches, there are many businesses and restaurants there. Kargı Beach is 3 km from the center of Datca. Transportation is provided from Datca center on foot (around half an hour) and by minibuses.

7. Hisarönü Beach (Marmaris, Muğla)

Hisaronu is located on the 22nd km of Marmaris-Datca Road, and is a popular destination for boats and people who want to spend a quiet holiday. Besides its many natural beauties, Hisarönü is a center of attraction with its shallow sea and fresh air.

8. İztuzu Beach (Ortaca, Muğla)

Iztuzu Beach, which is a very long beach, is a unique beach located between Sülüngür Lake (fresh water) and Mediterranean (salt water). The beach in 2008, named “Best Open Space” by The Times, is the natural habitat of the caretta caretta turtles. Therefore, the beach is closed from 20.00-08.00 and the natural life is protected.

9. Akyaka Beach (Ula, Muğla)

Akyaka Beach, which has many awards in the field of tourism, is 250 meters long and 15 meters wide. Especially the sea depth is quite a little on the shore and it is a nice playground for children.

10. İçmeler Beach (Marmaris, Muğla)

Due to its location close to the center of Marmaris (about 8 km), İçmeler offers you a beautiful holiday with its calmness and natural beauty. Icmeler is a very popular location in Marmaris with its facilities such as accommodation, restaurant and cafe around the beach.

11. Pigs Bay (Domuz Çukuru)  (Datça, Muğla)

The reason why the bay called as pigs is that it is rumored pigs come to eat figs dropping from the fig trees. Difficulty to reach the bay (only with the boat) made it remain very untouched. It is a charming place with camping area and bungalow houses.

12. Amos Bay (Marmaris, Muğla)

Amos takes you on a journey between history and nature with its many preserved historical remnants and natural beauties. On the other hand, you can taste local specialties at the beach restaurants.

13. Golden Sand Beach (Altınkum Plajı) (Didim, Aydın)

Altınkum Beach, located in the Didim district of Aydın, is one of the most active beaches of the Aegean coast, named after its golden sand (Altınkum means Goldensand in Turkish). You can see the people sunbathing in the spring and winters on the beach which is sunny on most days of the year. If you want to find a place to sit on the beach in summer, don’t forget to book in advance!

14. Ladies Beach (Kadınlar Denizi Beach) (Kuşadası, Aydın)

Located 4 km from the center of Kuşadası, Ladies Beach takes its name from the beach being a secluded place covered with pine trees before. This feature of the beach gave women the opportunity to go swimming in the sea comfortably. There are many restaurants, cafes, hotels and pensions around the world-famous beach.

15. Akbuk Bay (Akbük Koyu) (Didim, Aydın)

Akbuk Bay is located in the north of the Gulf of Gokova, 48 km from the center of Mugla. It is one of the most beautiful bays of Muğla with its calmness and clean water. In addition, the Karia Antique City and the ruins of Keramos in Akbuk form a unique landscape where history and nature intertwine.

16. Kumköy Beach (Side, Antalya)

The tranquility of Kumköy Beach, which is 5 km from Side, is one of the places that will give you pleasure especially when traveling with your children. In addition to its natural beauties, Kumköy, which has an ancient city, is a must-see region. The nearest airport is Antalya Airport.

17. Patara Beach (Kaş, Antalya)

Patara Beach is one of the natural areas of caretta caretta turtles as it is at Iztuzu Beach. On the other hand, it is the the second longest beach of Turkey (14 km). You can visit the ancient city of Patara with your museum card. The beach is closed from 20.00-08.00 for the protection of the turtles.



18. Phaselis Bay (Faselis Koyu) (Kemer, Antalya)

Phaselis Bay, where pine trees reach deep blue sea, is 59 km to Antalya, 29 km to Olympos and 15 km to Kemer. The beach is waiting for tourists to visit with its calmness and reasonable prices. Phaselis Antique City, which is located in the region, offers a historical walk and a noise-free holiday.

19. Çıralı Beach (Kemer, Antalya)

Çıralı Beach is one of the other natural habitats of caretta carettas. It is a wonderful holiday destination with its historical artifacts from the ancient period and the Yanartaş (means Burning Stone).

20. Olympos Beach (Kumluca, Antalya)

Olympos Beach is located in the Kumluca district of Antalya. It is one of the important port cities of the ancient Lycian region. Olympos, which is a beach visited by caretta caretta turtles, is 87 km away from Antalya city center. It is also a must-visit for activities such as boat tours and paragliding.

21. Adrasan Beach (Kumluca, Antalya)

Adrasan Beach is about 50 km far from Kemer. The length of the beach is approximately 2 km and the beach has wonderful natural beauties. Around the bay, there are pine trees and prevent you from being overwhelmed by the scorching heat in the summer.


22. Kaputaş Beach (Kaş, Antalya)

You can go to the beach, which is a mixture of sand and gravel, on foot. The coast is between Kalkan and Kas, and is 7 km from Kas. It is ranked among the best beaches in Turkey. In addition, since there is no enterprise around the beach it is recommended to take something to eat with you.

23. Kleopatra Beach (Alanya, Antalya)

Kleopatra beach, which has a length of 2 km, is named after Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt. The clarity of the sea allows you to see the creatures in the sea with the naked eye. The beach is a “blue flag” beach. Every year, many domestic and foreign tourists visit the beach.

24. Lara Beach (Muratpaşa, Antalya)

2 km long beach is 18 km away from Antalya. The fine sand of the beach is good for diseases such as rheumatism. It is also a blue flag beach.

25. Sivrice Beach (Ayvacık, Çanakkale)

Sivrice Beach is located in the Ayvacık district of Çanakkale and south of the ancient city of Assos. Tourism has just begun to develop. In recent years, the pensions and shabby fish restaurants run by the villagers have been serving. The modest and wooden-table-restaurants are places where you can eat fish at an affordable price. The beach is narrow and stony. Therefore, wooden piers were made to go swimming and jump into the sea comfortably. Lesbos (Mytilene or Midilli in Turkish) Island can be seen easily from the beach.

26. Kadırga Bay (Ayvacık, Çanakkale)

Like Sivrice Beach, Kadırga Bay is located in the south of the ancient city of Assos. The bay is located at the end of a road covered with olive trees. It has a wonderful nature. The beach awaits its visitors with its stony beach and blue sea. It is very reachable place.

27. Akvaryum Bay (Bozcaada, Çanakkale)

Since there is a bay with the same name in Bodrum, be careful not to confuse the places. Akvaryum Bay is one of the famous bays of Bozcaada. The sea is calm and clear. The bay’s nature is intact.

28. Ayazma Beach (Bozcaada, Çanakkale)

Ayazma is the biggest beach in Bozcaada. Sea water is cold and has a wide and sandy beach there. Transportation from the island center to the beach is provided by minibus services.

29. Kefalos Beach (Gökçeada, Çanakkale)

Kefalos Beach is located in Gokceada, the largest island of Turkey in the Aegean Sea. Kefalos Beach, also known as the Patara of the North Aegean, is suitable for sports such as windsurf and kitesurfing because it is a sandy beach and very windy. It is also possible to make a mud bath in Salt Lake (Tuz Gölü), which is close to the beach.

30. Sarımsaklı Beach (Ayvalık, Balıkesir)

It is known as the most beautiful beach in Ayvalık. There are many cafes and restaurants on the beach where you can spend time. The sand on the beach is world-famous. It is one of the blue flag beaches. The nearest airport is Edremit Airport.

31. Ortunç Bay (Ayvalık, Balıkesir)

The bay is located on the west of Cunda Island and has a blue flag beach. There are many diving activities around the bay.

32. Ilıca Beach (Çeşme, İzmir)

Ilica is a very individual place in Aegean Region. It has hot water resources in the sea. It is said to have a healing effect on diseases such as rheumatism, skin diseases, rickets, liver and urinary tract. Ilica Beach is 5 km from Cesme, and Adnan Menderes Airport is 96 km away.

33. Hamsilos Bay (Merkez, Sinop)

Hamsilos Bay, the only bay existed by glacial erosion, is in Sinop, Turkey’s most northern province. The fact that it has a suitable geography for ships and boats has made Hamsilos Bay a shelter for fishermen even today. Hamsilos, on the other hand, is one of the must-see places in the Black Sea with its magnificent scenery and natural beauties.

34. Atakum Beach (Atakum, Samsun)

Atakum Beach is 5 km from the center of Samsun. You can swim in many different points of Atakum (Atakum is a long beach, approximately 14 km). There are not many enterprises around the beach. Those who want to benefit from the services such as sunbed, private shower, locker cabin and cafeteria can choose these few enterprises.

35. Ağlayan Kaya Beach (Şile, İstanbul)

Ağlayankaya Beach attracts visitors with its calmness and clean sea. It is located in Şile, the northern part of the Anatolian side of Istanbul. It is also a blue flag beach. Ağlayan Kayalar is a water source located in the east of Şile, on the back side of the Şile Lighthouse, approximately 500-600 meters.

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