The Cheapest 10 Places around Istanbul | A Small Guide to Travellers

As everybody knows, Istanbul is among the most visited cities in the world. This status of Istanbul is making itself more crowded in addition to its own population during the summer months. So that, Istanbulites who want to have a holiday with a low budget recently started to prefer the places neither far away from Istanbul nor close. Of course, this is not only about the budget, but also the choices. You can visit these places, get in contact with local people, taste local foods and buy some souvenirs in a day-long excursion. If you travel around Istanbul and have enough time to see these places, I reccommend to visit there! Cheaper is better! 🙂

10. Maşukiye

Maşukiye, located in Kartepe district of Kocaeli, approximately 120 km from Istanbul, is one of the places close to Istanbul which can be visited on a day long excursion. You can have a nice Turkish breakfast, taste delicious trout, or rent an ATV and enjoy a wonderful nature view accompanied by the whining of Aygır Creek in Maşukiye.

9. Avşa Adası

Avşa Island, one of the islands in the Sea of Marmara, is about 3 hours by sea (water bus) to Istanbul. Avşa, which has been the holiday spot of Istanbul residents for many years, is the center of attention of local tourists with its beautiful beaches, bays, calm and clean sea, local wine producers.

8. Enez

Enez, which is a district of the city of Edirne in Turkey’s border with Greece. Its distance to Istanbul is approximately 280 km. Reflecting the beautiful nature of Thrace, the south of Enez is surrounded by the clear waters of the Gulf of Saros. You can also see the Samothrace Island of Greece with views of the coast. In addition to enjoying the sandy beach and clean sea, you can also visit the Coast Caravanserai, Deveci Han and Enez Castle.

7. Abant Lake Nature Park

Abant Lake Nature Park (Abant Gölü Tabiat Parkı), located in Mudurnu district of Bolu, is approximately 260 km from Istanbul. This natural wonder park is located at an altitude of 1350 meters and has a unique beauty with pine and fir trees. Besides, Abant Lake is a landslide embankment lake which is continuously fed with spring waters, rivers, snow and rain waters. You can add horse riding and hiking in the activities that you can do here.

6. Polonezköy

During the nineteenth century, Turkey hosted those exiled from Hungary and Poland. For the exiles from Poland, a village was established 25 km away from Istanbul and was named Polonezköy which means “Polish village”. Rural restaurants and boutique hotels can be preferred in this beautiful village where people who want to get away from the chaos of the city and relax in nature. Moreover, the Church of Our Lady of Czestochowa, built in 1914, is between the historical structures to see.

5. Kilyos

Kilyos is located in the neighbourhood of Kumköy in the Sarıyer district of Istanbul, and is one of the beaches on the Black Sea coast of Istanbul. It is also an ideal location for day-trips due to its proximity to the city center. In addition to enjoying the sea, you can go up to the hills in Kilyos and watch the unique view, visit the Kilyos Castle, and see the plane tree planted in 1453 in memory of Istanbul’s conquest.

4. Ağva

Ağva, officially known as Yeşilköy, is a town in the Şile district of the Asian side of Istanbul. Ağva is located between Göksu and Yeşilçay and is about 1.5 hours away from Istanbul city center. There are many small businesses where you can spend time in Ağva with its beaches, bays and wonderful nature. Additional area attractions include Kilimli Bay, Saklı Göl (Hidden Lake) and Gelin Kayası (Bridal Rock). It is preferred for picnic and camping areas.

3. Acarlar Floodplain

Acarlar Longozu (Acarlar Floodplain) is located in Karasu and Kaynarca districts of Sakarya. It is the largest one-piece floodplain in Turkey, width 250-1250 m, length 7.5 km. Acarlar Longozu, a typical coastal embankment lake, offers many shades of green and brown, especially in autumn and winter.

2. Cumalıkızık Village

Cumalıkızık Village (Cumalıkızık Köyü), located in Yıldırım district of Bursa, is one of the most important historical places of Bursa. At the same time, because of its close proximity to Uludağ, you can take a stroll through the narrow streets of this village with its fresh air, green nature and historical houses and have a nice breakfast in the authentic restaurants. It takes about 2 hours to reach Cumalkızık from Istanbul and there are different types of transportation to the village.

1. İğneada

İğneada, located in Demirköy district of Kırklareli, has one of the most beautiful beaches of Thrace on the Black Sea. İğneada, which has a 22 km coastline, is approximately 2.5 hours away from Istanbul. İğneada with its sea, lakes, forests and unique culture is a center of attraction for the holiday. Furthermore, İğneada was granted the status of National Park in 2007. İğneada will embellish your holiday with its deserted pathways, hot coffeehouses and shabby fish restaurants. Don’t forget to visit the waterfall in Avcılar Village!


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