What to Pack for Holiday?

Everyone gets excited for the holidays. Sometimes these beautiful times can be ruined by illnesses. Here are a few suggestions about what to put in first-aid kit. Let’s start!

1. Band-aid

Of course, the band-aid should be on the top of this list. You do not use the band-aid only for minor injuries. The band-aid also serves when you need tape. So, it’s a simple glue!


2. Painkillers

Even in our daily lives, the pain is quite annoying, we never want them on holiday, do we? Again, without the need for a very complicated drug, a simple painkiller can do the job. It can overcome many complaints from headache to abdominal pain.


3. Eye & Nose Drops

Eye drops can be very useful, especially if you are a family or individual with young children. Children are very prone to smudging their eyes. Apart from that, nose drops can be very useful in influenza infections. However, remember that nasal drops should be used in a manner not exceeding one week, taking care of the dosage.


4. Anti-nausea drug

Another medicine you shouldn’t miss out of your bag if you have a car retention. (Of course, you can use if you have stomach upset. Note that, however, some types of it can make you sleep.)


5. Throat & Nasal Spray

Another indispensable part of influenza infections: sprays. It is generally recommended to be sprayed three times a day.


6. Powder Sachets

There are different types for both nausea and colds. These types of drugs are added to water and drunk.


7. Cotton

It can be used for many different purposes.


8. Oxygenated water

Perfect for cleaning wounds.


9. Creams

You can take many kinds of creams for sprains, crushes and wounds.

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